GARCIDEN, more than ever

Garciden - Seguridad alimentaria

Garciden, more than ever

The commitment for the continuous improvement in all processes and ensuring food safety are two of the main pillars on which the different lines of business of GARCIDEN are based.
The attacks and critics received a year ago raised a turning point, clearly differentiating a before and after in GARCIDEN business capacity. This meant a boost to the global trade of the rest of the products, increasing the overall turnover by around 20% in comparison with the previous year.
This improvement was possible thanks to the unanimous commitment of the team and the product and brand diversification strategy defined by the company’s new business plan.
At all times GARCIDEN, being aware of the extend of the situation in which the company was involved and knowing that the crisis in one of their main products could affect the rest of them, made the decision to apply an improvement and innovation plan for all and each one of the business processes.
Some of the most outstanding innovations  that have been launched are:

  • Improvement of the technical team in the laboratory.
  • Improvement of control over suppliers.
  • Analysis and exhaustive selection of suppliers.
  • Technological improvemen t in the traceability processes..
  • Bioluminescence analysis.
  • Analysis and control in all the stages that make up the cold chain.
  • Registration with technical instructions of the different production lines.
  • Continuous training of personnel.
  • Improvement in the sampling plan – analytical -, applying improvements in the technical criteria.
  • We are also iIn the process of achieving the IFS Food and IFS Logistic for 2019.

The results of these actions have been a qualitative improvement that promotes the commitment of GARCIDEN for the direct revaluation of each of its business lines and where each of them presents its own brand. These brands are composed and managed by highly qualified personnel whose commitment represents the values of GARCIDEN. Teams of professionals who ensure compliance with all self-imposed quality controls that will mark the future of the company.
Today we can say with more pride than ever that the present and future of GARCIDEN is closely linked to QUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY, the ENVIRONMENT and PEOPLE.

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