Sea, our future
Banco de Atún - Garciden
Sea is one of the most important natural resources we have and it is thanks to it that we can supply our customers with a large variety of seafood that made our gastronomy more enjoyable if possible. The privileged location in which we find ourselves provides an ideal environment for the healthy consumption of fish and seafood, having in our coasts a rich and well preserved ecosystem with abundant life in its depths.
For Garciden the respect for the environment, and therefore for our seas, is a priority.. With this in mind, the Garciden team of professionals ensures that products that come from artisanal fishing methods are chosen and that they promote the sustainability of the species captured, their progressive regeneration and the preservation of their natural habitat.
This policy of sustainable fishing is a commitment that we acquire with the environment and at the same time with our customers, since we make sure to offer a product of quality and freshness that meets the most demanding quality standards.
We work with enthusiasm to be able to offer the best products of our coasts, selecting daily the best pieces, from the most popular to the most select, always maintaining the premises of maximum quality and freshness. We also carefully choose the best products offered by other areas of the world and bring them to enrich our offer and adapt to all the needs that may arise to our customers.