GARCIDEN supporting the initiatives of AVOI


Around 60 children from Malaga, all of them suffering of oncohematological pathology, will see their dreams come true by walking the Santiago’s Road (AKA Saint James Way) with their families and love ones, and also with the support of volunteers and care workers. Hope and happiness were the feelings we could see in the young travellers faces last Thursday when they received the “Blessing of the pilgrim”.
This solidary trip was organised by the Association of Volunteers for Children´s Oncology (AVOI), together with the Maternal and Child Hospital, as part of Juan Carmona initiative as President of the Association. Around 45 of the children participating in the initiative are still receiving treatment, therefore, 13 health workers will be joining the trip, among them they will count with a paediatric intensive care physician, a paediatric emergency doctor, a paediatric oncologist, two residents of paediatrics, three ICU nurses of paediatrics and three oncology nurses. In addition, an external nurse and doctor from the Mother and Child Hospital will attend. Besides, there will be two support vans, in case it is necessary to use them, and a semiautomatic defibrillator.
GARCIDEN, always supporting initiatives of this nature and with the only porpoise of helping them to achieve their goals, collaborated by donating 200Kg of fish for the retinue (80Kg of tuna, 80Kg of octopus and 40Kg of squid rings).
Source: Diariosur.
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