Sardinas Garciden - San Juan
“Under the stars the bonfires give warmth and the faces are illuminated with love. Boil the metal cauldrons on fire and the voice of a guitar sings … it’s the magic of Saint John”. The songs of the Night of Saint John are as numerous as magical We are speaking about a night marked by tradition and mysticism that we celebrate in all corners of Spain. In Almeria, being loyal to the tradition, thousands of people will go to the beach at night to enjoy themselves preparing the traditional barbecues or simply spending time with friends and love ones.
With the date so close people are starting to wonder what to prepare in order to make the night more special if possible.


Sardines are a really delicate product since they must be sold really fresh and must be eaten as soon as possible to enjoy all their flavour.
It is a fish that match perfectly with the night, since the embers of the fires are the best way to cooked them. That is why it is the most popular dish for this celebration.


If you want to join the tradition and prepare this delicious dish, GARCIDEN will make it easy for you. You only have to go to the closest Garciden Fish Shop where you will find not just the better fresh fish selection in our area but also our wonderful staff will prepare your order according to your needs and requirements.
As a final step you will only need to prepare the fire, bring salt and a grill where to cook the sardines. After three or four minutes cooking each side, we will be ready to enjoy this wonderful dinner. Piece of cake!
Fish shop GARCIDEN Mojácar: Paseo del Mediterráneo, 411 local 13 in Mojácar